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Artist Statement

Art has always been something that brings me joy and happiness when I can’t seem to find it. It has always been an outlet when it came to expressing myself while also giving me a distraction from the real world. 
My work draws inspiration from cartoons and children’s book illustrations which spark joy to the hearts of young viewers. I want to celebrate the child’s imaginations and reflect that into my work by creating whimsical yet relatable scenes which could be easily recognized by people of all ages. 
My goal as an artist is to create things that matter to people and impact their lives in one way or another. I like to bring the world of fantasy and fiction into my work and create pieces that children can relate to and recognize in the outside world. I want people to be inspired by my work whether from the story behind the artwork or the creativity of the painting. If I am able to bring joy to even just one person in this bleak world, then I can feel happy myself.
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